Smart Board

Teaching Technology

Our technology curriculum provides project-based learning that is exciting, fun and relevant to our students' daily lives.  It also promotes communication and collaboration as students work in teams to complete the instructional units. This approach utilizes the strengths of each team member to accomplish the goals of each project, while offering students learning challenges at all ability levels.

At the Beginning of the year:

All students become familiar with basic Hardware Components and basic Software terminology.

2nd Grade:

  • Basic Computer Navigation
  • Computer Safety
  • Typing and Keyboarding

3rd Grade:

  • Continue Typing and Keyboarding
  • Formatting in Microsoft Word
  • Introduction to PowerPoint and presentations
  • Safely Navigating the Web for Research purposes

4th Grade:

  • Reinforce proficiency in using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Reinforce proficiency in Typing and Keyboarding
  • Continue learning to Safely use the Web
  • Research and writing reports

5th Grade

  • Reinforce typing and formatting documents in Microsoft Word,
  • Reinforce PowerPoint presentation skills and introduce public speaking
  • Evaluating online sources
  • Reinforce proficiency in Typing and Keyboarding
  • Introduction to Argumentation

6th Grade 

  • Mastery of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Reinforce proficiency in Public Speaking and Presentations
  • Reinforce Argumentation and Evaluating online sources

7th Grade

  • Continue reinforcement of Public Speaking and Presentation skills
  • Develop professional skills
  • Continue argumentation and focus on Writing

8th Grade:

  • Continue developing professional skills
  • Continue focusing on writing and argumentation
  • Graphic Design
  • Producing video content