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Welcome to the home of the Tigers!

Athletics at Holy Trinity Catholic School promotes teamwork, give each child a sense of belonging, and help provide a well-rounded education. The Holy Trinity Tigers participate in the Dallas Parochial League in more than half a dozen different sports. Students can participate in:

  • Softball – Girls team of middle school age students
  • Soccer – From Pre-K to 8th grade
  • Track & Field – Boys and Girls teams for 5th through 8th graders
  • Volleyball – Girls participate from 5th through 8th grade
  • Basketball – Boys and Girls Pre-K through 8th grade teams

Holy Trinity Catholic School fields competitive teams in all sports, with a focus on sportsmanship and teamwork rivaled by none. All students make the team and every student gets to play. 

If you would like to participate in any DPL sports this year, you must print, complete and return the DPL Physical History, Exam and Clearance forms.

Dallas Parochial League Homepage (DPL 


Click here to download the Dallas Parochial League Scholarship Application 

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February 2022
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1February 1, 2022
Girls Basketball Practice
2February 2, 2022
Girls Basketball Practice
3February 3, 2022
4February 4, 2022
Boys Basketball Practice
5February 5, 2022
5th Grade Girls Basketball Game
6February 6, 2022
5th Grade Girls Basketball Game
7February 7, 2022
Girls Basketball Practice
8February 8, 2022
Girls Basketball Practice
9February 9, 2022
Girls Basketball Practice
10February 10, 2022
11February 11, 2022
12February 12, 2022
5th Grade Girls Basketball Game
13February 13, 2022
14February 14, 2022
15February 15, 2022
Girls Basketball Practice
16February 16, 2022
Girls Basketball Practice
17February 17, 2022
18February 18, 2022
Boys Basketball Practice
19February 19, 2022
5th Grade Girls Basketball Game
20February 20, 2022
21February 21, 2022
22February 22, 2022
Girls Basketball Practice
23February 23, 2022
Girls Basketball Practice
24February 24, 2022
25February 25, 2022
Boys Basketball Practice
26February 26, 2022
27February 27, 2022
28February 28, 2022
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