Distance Learning

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Distance Learning

May 2020

Dear Families,

Thank you for visiting our website.  Holy Trinity Catholic School, like all other schools in Texas, is educating our students online.

When we told our students to take their books home on the Friday afternoon before spring break, I expected that they would return to our campus in a couple of weeks, a month at most.  The school staff, who were in town, met during spring break to establish priorities and plan how distance learning would look for us.  We knew that it would be different from our regular school day. 

Our priorities have been to provide a sense of community and normalcy and to offer our students a rigorous curriculum that will prepare them for the next grade level. 

  • The school staff begins each day with a Zoom meeting where we share news and pray together.  The homeroom teachers begin each morning with a meeting that begins with prayer and allows students time to chat. 
  • We have also maintained a schedule that allows for teacher direct instruction, group work, and finally independent work in the afternoon.  Assessments have been ongoing.
  • Teachers have identified and focused on the teaching of critical content, skills that students need to be successful in the current grade and for the coming years. 

Our specials teachers continue to teach the same curriculum as if they were in the classroom.  Music with band and keyboarding, art, Spanish, PE, library, and STREAM are offered on a regular schedule.

Teachers and staff meet with me at least weekly to discuss how we are meeting our priorities and to troubleshoot how we can do better.  Teachers have had to learn how to use new platforms and how to keep students interested from a distance.  It has been hard work, but they have persevered and tell me that the best part of their day is when they are with the students. 

The majority of families have embraced our approach and feel that their children are doing well.  There have been challenges for some families with their work schedules and some students have trouble staying focused.  We have tried to accommodate their needs by offering links to the Zoom classes and with small group and individual tutoring.  Our parents have always been supportive, but some report that they have a deeper appreciation for the work that our teachers do. 

Our expectation is that we will return to our campus in August and if that is possible, we will have new safety protocols in place to protect our students and our staff.  If we are not able to return, we will continue to improve our distance learning so that our students will receive the education that you expect, and they deserve.


Marian Davis, Principal

Following the completion of this year's Distance Learning, our parents completed a survey. Below are the results. 

Distance Learning Survey Results June 2020