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Academic Overview

For over 100 years Holy Trinity Catholic School has set the foundation for learning, as well as academic rigor and excellence. 

In addition to core subjects Holy Trinity students enjoy instruction in Spanish, Physical Education, Art, Music, and Technology classes beginning in Prek3. All of our students have the advantage of state of the art technology in every classroom including SmartBoards, and 1:1 iPad technology.

Holy Trinity Catholic School implements the curriculum of the Diocese of Dallas which is based on standards which meet or exceed the requirements of the state of Texas.


In 1963 Holy Trinity was the first Catholic elementary school in the Diocese to become accredited.  Today Holy Trinity Catholic School of Dallas is fully accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops Education Department, AdvanEd/Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Early Childhood

Holy Trinity Catholic School offers young children a complete early childhood learning opportunity that fully prepares them for the expectations and requirements of elementary school. Our classes are tailored for the needs of three, four, and five year old children and offer a balance of academic, religious, and social experiences. Our Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten classes are full-day classes.


Holy Trinity elementary school focuses on developing the whole child. Students in grades 1 through 5 learn values and skills which enable them to build from one grade level to another. Technology is incorporated into the content area of all subjects. Students focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, and cooperative learning skills all designed to equip them for college and heaven.

Middle School

Middle School students at Holy Trinity prepare for the academic standards needed for high school. Eighth graders receive ISEE test preparation. The ISEE exam is mandatory for application to all Catholic high schools.

Student Led Portfolio Conferences

Student led portfolio conferences are required at the end of the first and third quarters.  The purpose of these conferences is to provide students, parents, and teachers the opportunity to plan and work together for the success of the student.  The students create a portfolio of artifacts and reflections from the work that they have completed.  They lead the conference, explaining their progress and reflecting on their accomplishments and setting goals.  All students are required to attend these conferences with their parents.

Guidelines for Homework

The purpose of homework is to reinforce what is learned during the school day and to provide the opportunity for independent study.  Assignments may take longer due to a student’s understanding or the level of difficulty of the topic. 

Teachers may give special projects that extend over several days or weeks.  Homework may also take longer to finish if students do not begin long-term projects as soon as they are assigned.

Grades On-line

Parents may access their child’s grades online by visiting First-time users will need to follow special instructions using their email addresses. Teachers update RenWeb several times each week.

Report Cards and Progress Reports

Holy Trinity’s school year is divided into four quarters. Report cards are issued in Grades 1-8 following the close of each quarter. Early Childhood students receive Report Cards after the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters. Progress Reports are emailed to 2nd- 8th grades midway between quarters, indicating the student’s progress at that time.

Achievement Tests

Students in grades 1-8 take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and the Cognitive Abilities Test. These tests are administered in the Fall.